What is Direct Primary Care?

With DPC, doctors are not constrained by quotas or excess paperwork, allowing them to focus on you and your personal needs. DPC is different than insurance-based care in that you pay your doctor directly for the value provided.

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  • Immediate access to your doctor at any time in person,
    by phone, or through text or email
  • Responses and appointments within 24 hours
  • As many visits as needed and advice from your doctor
  • Unhurried appointments with your doctor
  • No copay or fees for office visits
  • Reduced costs on outside treatments and medical tests
  • Transparent and affordable pricing
  • Minimal to no wait time at every office visit

Your Affordable Healthcare on Your Time

Communitas understands that your time is valuable and your concerns are time sensitive. Whether you are in need of immediate care or steady, planned treatment, we are available for you. Schedule an appointment for the future, video-chat with us on your phone, or stop in the office at any time, and we will ensure you are seen and that your questions are answered.

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