•   Doctor Appointments

    Communitas welcomes you for routine checkups, urgent care, and for everything in between. Whether you are sick and need medication or just want to make sure your blood pressure is at a normal level, we are here for you.

    Make an appointment or walk in and we will spend as much time with you as you need. There is no reason to worry about copays because our members do not pay them, ever. When you are a part of the Communitas community, we cover many of your standard needs.

  •   House Calls

    We understand that sometimes you can’t make it to the doctor’s office but still need a doctor’s help. At Communitas, we are dedicated to your needs and will come visit you at your home for a small fee. If a phone call with your doctor is not enough then let us know, and we will be there for you.

  •   Procedures

    We perform common procedures for our members at no additional charge. Wound care, steriod shots, and other common procedures are done right in our office and are covered by your membership.

    More advanced procedures such as blood panels, x-rays, and ultrasounds are available to you at a price we personally negotiate for you. We contact your preferred facility in the area and negotiate a better price for you. You get the procedure you need at a price that is manageable for you.

  •    Medications

    Avoid the trouble of going to a pharmacy and waiting on a high-priced prescription when you are part of the Communitas community. Our in-house pharmacy stocks and provides many medications, which are available to you at a greatly discounted price. See your doctor and fill your prescriptions at the same place with Communitas.

  •    Communication & Consultation

    As part of the Communitas community, you have access to your doctor at anytime. Whether you have a concerning symptom or have a question about your medication, you will be able to get the answers you need in the way you want. Through phone, email, text, or video chat, your doctor will be there for you.

  •    Payment Transparency

    Copays and office visit fees do not exist at Communitas. Your monthly membership fee covers all in-office visits, procedures, and consultations. When we cannot provide the service or procedure you need, we do our best to negotiate a fair price with the clinic of your choice as your doctor and friend. If you do need an out-of-office procedure, you will know always know its cost beforehand so you can decide what is best for you.

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