• Do I still need insurance?

    The short answer is yes. While Communitas membership covers office visits, in-office procedures, and basic point-of-care testing, we do not provide laboratory testing, imaging, specialist visits, hospitalizations, and hospital admissions. Of course, we are glad to enroll patients who do not have insurance and help them negotiate cash prices for noncovered services, but we still advise you get at least a catastrophic plan to cover un-anticipated costly medical services.

  • Can my money be refunded?

    For those who have paid for a yearly membership, we are glad to offer a pro-rated refund should one wish to cancel. Fees paid for membership periods that have already passed are not refundable.

  • How long does a subscription last?

    We offer yearly and monthly subscriptions.

  • Do I have to renew each year?

    No. Patients are automatically re-enrolled until cancellation is given in writing (either by email or print).

  • What do I have to pay for out of pocket?

    That depends on your insurance plan. Healthcare costs not covered by membership include lab tests, imaging, specialist visits, hospital admissions, and medications. That said, we have negotiated low prices for imaging and specialist visits. As well, should you require an admission to the hospital, your doctor is glad to admit you to any hospital in which he is credentialed for a reasonable additional fee. Finally, for medications, we supply many common generic medications on formulary and sell them at drastically reduced prices.

  • What happens if I need to be admitted to the hospital?

    Should you require admission, your doctor is glad to work with hospitalists at the hospital of your choice to ensure smooth coordination of your care. The office will be sure to request medical records and when necessary schedule our doctor to consult with the hospitalist caring for you while admitted.

  • Does the doctor do home visits?

    Yes. Your doctor is glad to come to your home should you have trouble getting to the office provided you are subscribed to the ‘House Call Service’ level of membership.

  • Is the doctor really available at any time?

    Ideally, yes. Of course, he is human and can’t guarantee 100 percent availability. That said, a reasonable expectation for availability would be that he returns your call by the end of business day, be available for urgent calls in the evening, and responds by the next business day for emails/texts.

  • Can the fee count as part of my deductible?

    That depends on your insurance, but your doctor is glad to work with you to submit the fee as an expense paid toward your deductible.

  • Can the fee be paid for from an HSA account?

    At the present time, no. That said, the IRS is currently considering a petition by direct primary care doctors to count the fee as a qualifying health expense. Their response is still pending.