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A healthier you starts with a Communitas membership. When you are part of the Communitas community, you have access to your doctor in office or through text, email, phone call, or video chat. Your membership includes all in-office treatments so you will never have a copay or office visit fee.

Maintain Your Health

Communitas Treatment

With an understanding of your medical history, your doctor will treat your illnesses and help you maintain your health in the way that is best for you. Our comprehensive care includes a wide range of healthcare services and basic procedures. Contact your doctor when you need to and how you need to.

Allow Your Doctor to Negotiate for You

Out-of-Office Treatment

Communitas can provide services for 90 percent of your medical needs. For the emergency needs we cannot help with however, we will negotiate better rates for you from your preferred specialist. At Communitas, our help does not end at the door.

Contact Your Doctor at Any Time

Healthy You

The Communitas community wants you to stay healthy, which is why your doctor will be available to answer questions at any time. Call, text, email, or video chat your doctor with a concern, and they will respond within a few hours. At Communitas, your concerns and medical needs are a priority.

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As a Direct Primary Care Practice, we are doctors serving patients, the way medicine should be.

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