How People Use DPC Effectively

Individuals and businesses use DPC by itself or pair it with a low-cost insurance policy. By using both, people have coverage for rare but severe accidents and also quality medical care for general sicknesses. DPC allows you to talk to your doctor at any time and to reach out for advice for any illness.

Businesses also use DPC to better ensure the health of their employees and provide them with an inexpensive but quality healthcare.

Current Medical History With or Without Insurance

  • Copay for every visit (Insurance)
  • Monthly payment for coverage (Insurance)
  • Visits only by appointment
  • Restricted communication
  • Expensive treatments
  • Labs, tests, and procedures set by medical industry

Health Sharing Ministry

Health sharing ministries (HSM) are religious-based cooperatives where members share healthcare costs amongst one another. Members commit to not smoking, not drinking to excess, and to going to church. For members willing to commit to the plan's rules, HSM membership can be a much more affordable and hassle-free way of covering catastrophic expenses. What's more, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), members are exempt from the individual mandate to buy health insurance.

Short Term Medical

Short Term Medical (STM) plans offers non-ACA compliant high-deductible plans that will cover major illnesses. These plans are less expensive because they do not cover the minimum "Essential Health Benefits" required under ACA compliant plans. Pairing an STM plan with DPC can provide coverage for emergencies and catastrophic illnesses while also allowing the convenience of a DPC practice. Both combined equal a lower price than traditional insurance on the exchange.

Employer Self-Insurance

For small businesses with one or more non-owner employees, self-insurance options are available. The price of self-insured plans may be less expensive than a traditional "fully underwritten" plan with a major carrier (such as Humana or Blue Cross). Self-insuring provides an employer with the ability to customize their plan to the price-point of the employer. For more information or for a quote for a self-insured plan, please contact us to send you to a qualified insurance agent who can help.


Unrushed appointments
Unrestricted appointment lengths
No copays, ever
Monthly payment for coverage
Visits by appointment or walk-ins
Communicate with your doctor through email, video call, text, phone, or another preferred way
Unlimited visits each month at no extra charge
Treatments included with monthly fee
Negotiated out-of-office lab, test, and procedure costs
Same day appointments

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